Order Your 2010 Bronco Football Varsity & JV Videos Now

The 2010 Bronco Football DVD will again be produced by Dave Evenson formerly with NFL Films and now a media arts teacher at RBHS. You can check out a sample of his fabulous work below. By ordering now, you can ensure that your son will be covered with close-up, isolated shots throughout the season. Recruiting videos are also available. Click here for complete information and prices or contact Dave Evenson at evostreamz@gmail.com or phone 310-256-0998.

Support RBFootball.org

Website ads are now available for the 2010 season. This is a great way to support Broncos Football and to get your advertising message out to the RB community. Currently there are 290 subscribers to the site with many, many more visitors. (You can become a subscriber by clicking the Subscribe to e-mail list link at the right.)

The banner ads shown at the top of every page are $200. The ads on the right side of every page are $100. The 2010 season runs from August 27, 2010, a week before the first game, through a week before the 2011 season opener. For more information contact our webmaster.

Thank you for your continued support of RB Football.

Spring/Summer Off-Seasn Events!

Here are the key off-season events for Bronco Football:

First, most of our Varsity players should be in our Spring Term Football class, in which we do most of our strength and speed training, as well as character and team building.  If players are not in that class, they should be attending weight lifting sessions 3 times/week in the morning from 6-7am.  Starting Feb 27, we will have early morning 7 on 7 passing sessions each Wednesday.  All QBs, WRs, DBs, LBs should attend.

Second, please plan on attending our Parent Meeting on May 15, 6pm in the LPR, which we will discuss all of the following in detail.  This meeting is for all returning and new parents.  Plus, those who attend will receive a discount on summer camp.


Free 1-Day Youth Clinic:

3rd-8th graders are welcome to attend this non-contact skills camp, in which Varsity players and coaches instruct participants in skills and fundamentals necessary to succeed on the field.  Register by clicking here.

Athletic Packets must be submitted to the Athletic Office by June 14. Players without Athletic Packet submitted by June 14 will not be allowed to participate when the season starts.

RBHS Physicals night is June 6, 6-8pm @ RBHS gym.  The cost is $20, and the money goes to support our Athletic Trainers.

Freshman Summer Camp:

Summer Training Camp – June 17-June 27; July 15-31. Mon-Thurs, 10am-Noon. Dead Period is June 28-July 14. Registration form will be forthcoming at the Parent meeting on May 15.

JV/Varsity Summer Camp:

Summer Training Camp – June 17-27; July 15-31. Mon-Thurs, 7:30am-9:30am.  Dead Period is June 28-July 14.  Registration form will be forthcoming at the Parent meeting on May 15.

Passing League Games and Tournaments:  Please check our Google Calendar on the front page of this site for times and locations.

Youth Camp:

June 24-27; 3-6pm. Registration form will be forthcoming.

Season begins August 1–practice times will be posted on this website by May.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Coming Soon.

Home Page

There are three primary areas for news on the home page:

(1)  Featured News, displayed in the Featured News slider,

(2)  News excerpts, displayed below the slider, andn the slider just below the main menu,

(3)  Headlines, displayed below the News excerpts.

as shown in the figure to the right.  In addition, at the bottom of the page (3), there are listings of additional posts from each of these categories. The following paragraphs explain how to enter posts in each of these areas.


Featured News (1)

The Featured News is intended for the most important news and information. It appears in a rotating slider. Featured News posts are in the Featured News category. The number of posts that rotate through the slider is set on the Appearance -> Theme Settings page shown below. The default is one (no rotation). Each Featured News post should include an image, the best size for which is approximately 230-260 px wide by 200 px high.  The image should be inserted directly into the post.

Note that only an excerpt of a long new story, and most of the Featured News stories should be relatively long, will be displayed in the slider. It may be useful to use the Excerpt box in the post editor to create an excerpt of the proper size.


News (2)

The News category is the workhorse that is intended for ‘routine’ news stories. Their useful life is generally shorter than Featured News stories; that is, they are tend to be more time sensitive, and become unimportant after a certain date. For example, a meeting announcement is not important after the meeting date. The number of News posts that appears on the home page is set on the Appearance->Theme Settings page shown below.

Note that only an excerpt of a long new story will be displayed. It may be useful to use the Excerpt box in the post editor to create an excerpt of the proper size.

Each News post can have two images. The image seen at the left of each news story in the figure is the Featured Image for the post. (Set in the Featured Image box of the post editor.) It is a thumbnail and should be included with each News post, otherwise the look of the  front page is degraded by News posts with missing images. However, the Featured Image is not displayed in the post itself, which is displayed when a user clicks on the News post title.  Any other image that is embedded into the body of the News post will be displayed in the single News post when the title is clicked.

Note that this is not the case for the Featured News. There, the entire post (excerpt) is displayed with any embedded, and the Featured Image is not used.


 Headlines (3)

The Headlines box contains older Featured News and News posts. The Headline Categories and number of Headline posts to display from each category is set in the Appearance->Theme Settings page shown below. Note that posts will not appear twice on the home page. So if a post is in the News section, it will not also appear in the Headlines section.









Site Search Box

The site comes with a built-in search capability. Enter a word or phrase into the Search Box in the navigation bar on right hand side of the Home Page (and on most other pages), to search the entire site.


The site automatically maintains archives of all posts. The Archives page sorts posts by category and date. The archive are searchable via the built-in search function. (See Search Box.) The archive feature is not easy to remove, however it is easy to remove the Archives page from the main menu. (See Managing Menus.)

Coaching Staff Pages (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon!

Using Post Categories

Categories control where posts appear on your website. Therefore, it is critical that you assign each post to the right category. In fact, when a post does not appear where you think it should, a wrong or missing category is most often the reason.  The following paragraphs describe the most used categories for your site.

Featured News. Posts in this category appear on the main slider on the home page. This category is intended for “the biggies”  that you really want to publicize, not routine, day-to-day news such as meeting notices. For more information on Featured News, see the Home Page help page.

News. Posts in this category appear on the home page directly under the main slider. This category is intended for routine, day-to-day news such as meeting notices. For more information on the News category, see the Home Page help page.

Events & News Broadcast. This category is used to e-mail notification of posts to the site’s e-mail list. Posts in this category are generally in another category, such as Featured News, News, or Coaches Corner. They will appear in that category and be mailed out to the e-mail list. You can select only this category for a post to mail information to the site’s e-mail list. The post (e-mail) will then be in the site’s Archive Area and will be discoverable with the built-in Search Function.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Posts in this category appear in the FAQ page. This page is normally updated at the start of each season to correct dates for example, and then very rarely during the season.

Sponsors. Posts in this category appear on the Sponsors page. There is quite a bit more involved with adding a sponsor (and their ad) to the site than this simple post. See Adding Sponsors for complete details.

Coaches. Posts in this category appear on the coaching staff pages. These posts are slightly more complicated because you must also specify the team – Frosh, JV, or Varsity – and the order you wish the coaches to be listed. See Managing Coaching Staff Pages, for the complete details. These posts are generally updated only at the start of a season.


Publishing Posts

The Publish Box on the add/edit post window, contains buttons and fields that control the state of your post.

The two primary states that you will need are Published and Draft. A Published status means the post has been published to the site for all the world to see. A Draft status means the post has not been published and remains a draft that only site administrators can view. If you select a specific publish status and click the Update Post or Publish button, that status is applied to the post. For example, to move a post to the Draft status, select Draft from the Publish Status drop-down box, and click Save Draft.  You can view all posts organized by status by going to All Posts and selecting one of the links near the top of the page.

You can schedule a post for publication on a future time or date,  by clicking “Edit” in the Publish Box next to the words “Publish immediately”. You can also change the publish date to a date in the past to back-date posts. Change the settings to the desired time and date. You must also hit the “Publish” button when you have completed the post to publish at the desired time and date. One reason to modify the date of a post is that posts often appear on pages in the order they were published. So to move a post to the top of a page, it is sometimes necessary to change its post date to be more current than all the other posts in the category.

See the WordPress Writing Posts documentation for more information on these features.

Posting a News Article on the Home Page

Publishing posts to the home page is probably the function that you will use most often throughout the season. Posts are created and published using your site’s administration panel. Because the site’s framework offers so much power and flexibility, that panel might look a bit complicated at first glance, but creating a post is really very simple.

  1. Log in to your site’s Administration Panel (Dashboard) at
  2. Click the Posts tab.
  3. Click the Add New Sub Tab
  4. Start filling in the blanks.

There are only three blanks you must fill in on every post, as explained below.

  1. Title
    The title, or headline, of your post. You can use any words or phrases. Avoid using the same title twice as that will cause problems. You can use alphanumeric symbols and typical punctuation symbols in the post like “My Team Wins! – It’s Another Miracle …”
  2. Content (Post Editing Area)
    The blank box where you enter your writing, links, links to images, and any information you want to display on your site. Two views are available when composing a post:  Visual or HTML.  Most people will use the Visual view. However, users who are knowledgeable in HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) may wish to use the HTML view from time to time. For more on the HTML view, see the section below, Visual Versus HTML View.
  3. Category
    The Post category determines where your post appears on the site, as well as whether it is mailed to the e-mail subscribers list. Therefore, it is critical that you must select the correct category (or categories) for your post. For front page news posts, there are two categories – Featured News and News. See the Front Page help page for the details on how these two categories control post location.

When you are ready, click the Publish button, it’s that easy! If you would like to preview your post before publishing, click the Preview button. While this is not a bad idea, note that this will take you to a preview of the single post by itself, not a preview of the home page with the post on it.

For more details on the post options, go to http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts.