How We Keep Our Players Safe

There is growing concern over the safety of the sport of football.  And rightfully so.  It is a collision sport, much like rugby and wrestling, and their are risks of injury.   Thankfully, the game of football has gotten significantly safer over the past 10 years, and the safety of the player has now become the central focus.

The game is not the same game that was played a decade ago, and people need to be aware of the changes.

New rules—like prohibiting players to lead with the head or target the head— are being implemented to remove the head from contact as much as possible.  New regulations that limit the amount of contact at practice are also reducing the frequency of collisions. And, most importantly, instruction has changed to keep the head out of the game. For instance, here at RBHS and RB Pop Warner…

In all, the game is much safer today than it has ever been, and will keep getting safer.  And we in the Bronco Football Program will continue to exceed the safety guidelines, and continue to teach the proper techniques to ensure that our players are as safe as possible on the field.